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Adjunct Professor
Poznan University of Technology
Department of Electrical Engineering
Chair of Control, Robotics and Computer Science

pl. M. Sklodowskiej-Curie 5
60-965 Poznan

+48 (61) 665 3756
+48 (61) 8 330 217


Me, Pawel, and my favourite
Filtron Milosz
 Teaching duties

* Cellular computations
* Multiple computational systems
* Dynamics of computations of discrete complex systems
* Basics of parallel processing
* Computer graphics

 Research interests

* Automata, cellular automata, and other formal computational models
* Massive parallel computations, e.g.: systolic, pipelined, solitonic
* Nonlinear phenomena: discrete models of solitonic interactions, guiding light with light
* Arranging computations in automata-like media


* Selected publications with some abstracts
* Recent talks

 References relevant to my interests

* Finite automata
* Cellular automata
* Iterons
* Solitons

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